Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kael

Today is Kael's birthday.  And, as his dad said, I'm sure he is having one heck of a party up in heaven.

We are trying very hard to help Vivi understand heaven, and what it means.  It's not easy at the age of two and a half, but it is so important to us to have her understand that.  We know that this will come with time and age, but we try to explain things as best we can for her age and knowledge.

Derek and Dawn asked us to send balloons up to Kael on the 7th, the anniversary of the day he passed away.  We were very happy to do so, as we want Vivi to remember Kael and to know that he is in heaven.
Of course, we chose Iowa State colored balloons.

We went outside and said a prayer as a family.
Vivi was very sweet, and patted Russ and I as we got teary, and told is "It's okay, Mommy.  It's okay, Daddy."  And then we let the balloons go.  And you know what?  It was okay.  It felt great to say a little prayer, and to send up a sign of love to heaven and one special little guy who is waiting for us there, along with all our other loved ones who we will see again.

Vivi watched the balloons until she couldn't see them anymore, and kept telling us, "Those are for Kael.  Balloons for Kael in heaven."  I think it helps her understand.  I hope so.  I hope she continues to grow in faith and knowledge and will one day find the same comfort that we do in that our loved ones are not ever gone.  That they are waiting to see us again, and that one day we will be reunited.
On Vivi's birthday, there will be a 5-K in Ames in Kael's name, and we are so very excited to go.  To be there with our friends and to get to do something so meaningful will make that day all the more special.

Happy, happy birthday, Kael.  Love, the Ottos

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