Saturday, January 14, 2012

Two Looks for the Holidays...

So, Christmas happened.  And it was awesome.  In the grand tradition of the Kardashians, Bridezillas, and other well-known crazies of the 21st century, Vivi did not let the occasion pass without a wardrobe change.  Her first Christmas Eve look was more...traditional.
We found her this lovely, sparkly little girl dress, a perfect Christmas outfit.  What we DIDN'T know was that this little gem would drip glitter like an open wound, leaving a sparkly trail behind us that was relatively amazing.  The people who sat in the pew at the mass after us must have thought that a passel of fairies had gone to war at the previous mass.

Here she is saying, "Gingerbread!" which she now says instead of "Cheese!"  Thanks for that one, Bubble Guppies.
There's no explanation for, it, really.  I think it is pretty hilarious, but do wish it led to an actual smile instead of a ginger-grimace.

Her second look of the evening came courtesy of the Sanchez-Masis.  Aunt Maria joined in the homemade Christmas, and turned out bathrobe/capes for all of the kids.  Vivi opened hers first, and refused to take it off for the entire rest of the gift opening.  The effect was...wonderful (pun intended).
Yes, that's right.  Vivi spent most of Christmas Eve swathed in a Wonder Woman cape.  I was so very proud.
And I kind of like that it makes her look like "The Blob," out to engulf everyone's Christmas gifts.

My baby's got style!

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