Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Very Pinterest Christmas

Pinterest lent itself to more than just my and Aunt Maria's gifts.  Aunt Erin and Aunt Kate also found great ideas on the site!  Aunt Erin made the cutest snow many ornaments for each of her nieces and nephews, and Aunt Kate made...well, check it out.
It's a monster.

Well, it's a pajama eater, to be exact.  It's mouth unzips and you put your pajamas in it during the day.  It's pretty dang cute.
Vivi really likes him.  Currently he hangs out in the basement, eating things like cupcakes and rocks (why not?  what do monsters eat?).  But, as there is A BIG GIRL BED headed to our house...we figure he will help make the transition easier!
Bienvenidos, monster!

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