Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What a Wonderful World It Could Be...

So last night, Russ and I were sitting around watching Pawn Stars on the History Channel when a gent came in with an antique pedal car (what, you don't know what that is?  google it.  they're awesome).  He thought he had a real find and was going to make a ton of money.  Imagine his surprise when Rick told him it wasn't an antique, it was new, because they still make them.  I'll be honest, I have no idea what happened after that point (did Rick buy it still?  How much?  Who knows?) because I was busy waving my arms like a windmill, screeching "Grab the I-pad!" and whacking Russ's shoulder like he was some sort of weird carnival game.

Turns out Rick knows his stuff, and yes, they do still make them.  They sell them on Amazon and they are amazing.  How sweet is this thing?
Later, after Russ and I went to bed, I found that Russ was as intrigued as I was (nearly).  He searched Craigslist, but we didn't fine one.  So we turned off the light.  Silly Russ thought he would get to go to sleep.

Me: Seriously, babe, how cool would that be for her birthday.
Russ: It really is pretty awesome.
Me: I know.  I want one.
Russ: It's pretty cool.  We'll have to talk about it.
Me: I totally picture her zooming down the street with Ollie in the passenger seat.
Russ: There is no way in hell Ollie would ever sit in the passenger seat of that thing.
Me: Yeah.  Good point.  It would probably be her and Jack.
Russ: Yeah.
Me: Babe, if we get that for her, I'm totally going to make Jack goggles and a helmet.
Russ (very quietly): I am totally shaking my  head at you right now.  I just want you to know that.
Me: Challenge accepted.

Ridiculous.  Just to let you know, I did NOT tell him about my dream where they make adult-sized pedal cars and we all go cruising as a family.  Not yet.  Better to break him in slowly.

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