Monday, January 2, 2012

Things I Should Have Blogged About in 2011

Happy 2012, Blog World.  I am so dang glad to bid adieu to 2011.

I was going through our photos and moving things to the digital hard drive, and found these photos.  I smiled and wondered why I didn't blog them when they were taken.  Then I realized they were taken during the "it feels like too much work to turn on the computer" part of this year.  It made me think about something that I never really addressed while it was happening, and I feel like what the heck.  It's a new year, a new era, and things are good.  So if you don't feel like reading any sentimentality, come back tomorrow.
Fact 1: Getting hit by a truck jacks up your life.
Fact 2: Mentally recovering from getting hit by a truck takes a lot longer than the physical recovery.  Although we're still going through that, too.

It's really something to be totally dependent on other people.  I needed my husband, my daughter, my siblings, my parents, and my friends in a way I haven't since I last had surgery.  And let me tell you, it's one thing to have surgery that you know you need to stay alive, and another to have surgery because some dude ran a stop sign and affects every thing you know about yourself.

I am so, so very grateful for all of you.  Thank you.  Thank you, Russ, for supporting me while I mentally readjusted my image of myself.  For helping me get through all the physical stuff, but all the hard mental times as well.  I could not have done this without you there hugging me when my physical therapist told me I may never wear high heels again (I'm excited to prove her wrong, btw), and for laughing with me I needed to laugh.

Thank you to my family.  For Mom and Dad, for basically letting me live at their house for 3 weeks post-accident (long story--have you ever had a new roof installed?  In August?  It is noisy and hot), and for helping me get coffee, food, and water through out the days when I could not carry anything.  For Kate, for tirelessly being there to help with Vivi, to help look for shoes (even when I got grouchy), and for moving in for a week when Russ traveled, and I couldn't do stupid things like giving Vivi a bath.  For Maria, Joe, Kate, Erin, John, Gene, Sue, Becky and Jake, for all the prayers, support, and the knowledge that any one of you would have been at our house in a heartbeat if we had asked.

To my friends, for visiting me and cheering me up, and for all the prayers and help you gave us, especially Russ while he was being Mr. Mom.

This has been a long, lame road, and I think we are on the upswing.  But all your support made it happen.

And when I was struggling, coming home and capturing scenes like this kept me sane.
 Vivi was always there, always wanting to play, and always cheering me up.  Flying through the living room and laughing her head off.

 How can you be upset when you have this to come home to?  No matter what happened, and continues to happen, I am lucky.  I got to come home.

2011?  Not my favorite year. 

 But this makes it all worth it.
Thank you all, again.  I didn't blog about it, and maybe I should have, but I just don't think I was ready.  But the heck with it.  By the time it gets nice again (sadly, we are back down in the 22 degree area--boo), I will be able to go for a walk with Russ and Vivi.  And that makes it a very, very happy new year.

Here's to 2012, yall.

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