Monday, May 28, 2012

Family Day

Last Saturday was our 5 year anniversary.  And, since one of the most rewarding parts of being married is being Vivi's parents, we always like to spend part of our anniversary with her, doing something fun as a family, and then part of the day with just the two of us doing something special.

This year?  We took her to the zoo.

I know.  Stop groaning. I know you saw enough zoo pictures from last year to make you feel like you live there.  But you know what?  SHE HAS NO MEMORY OF THE ZOO.  So it was like taking her again for the first time.  And it was awesome!

She got to feed a llama (she actually did not want to leave the llamas, and only the promise of the train could convince her to do so).
She could climb up to the top of the caterpillar by herself.

She hung out in the eggs (for quite awhile).

We went in the bug house, which we had previously avoided (for reasons that should be obvious, if you know me at all).  Inexplicably, there is a stuffed bear in the bug house.
She actually had to be coerced to take this photo with me.  She was really freaked out by the bear.  I wasn't, until I got the creepy idea in my head that it might actually be Gentle Ben, the zoo's bear during my childhood.  Then I was really creeped out by the bear, and we left the bug house.  (I toyed with asking zoo personnel for clarification, but decided the answer would either upset me or make me feel stupid, so I'm leaving it alone).

She was also a little leery of the eagle statue.

Until she realized she could climb on him.

And of course....
...the train ride at the end.  The best!

All in all, it was an absolutely lovely way to spend our anniversary!

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