Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day Revelry

On Memorial Day, we went over to Todd and Michelle's house for a big grill-out!  Vivi immediately commandeered her godfather.  When Todd and Michelle are around, Russ and I are basically chopped liver.  It's pretty cute.

They spent some time digging in the dirt.

I believe they were looking for dinosaur fossils.

According to Vivi, they found an entire dinosaur skeleton!
Imagine that!  Right in the Castle's backyard!

Then, Vivi channeled her inner frat boy (or girl), and taught Todd to play ladder golf.  In her words:
"First, you swing it around and around..."
(never mind that she was making Todd stand IN FRONT of the ladders--we like to shake things up)

"...and then I'll throw it REALLY FAR..."
"...and you catch it with the ladder!"

Not exactly the Cambridge Rules for Ladder Golf, but...we'll take it!  It was a very nice night.

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