Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Among the many amazing gifts given to Vivi by her awesome friends was one very intriguing package.  Whatever could be inside of....that?
(And no, it wasn't what it looks like, thank heavens)

It was...

Despite her prophylactic-esque wrappings, Cera is amazing (and I can't fault Aunt Kate for the wrap job-no pun intended-I helped with that beast, and it is NOT EASY TO PACKAGE A TRICERATOPS).  Cera is slightly larger than Vivi's Rody, and is made for hours of dino-related fun.

She now presides over the living room alongside Rody, amazing everyone who sees her.
What other three-year old has a ride-on Triceratops?  I ask you.  A fabulous birthday indeed.

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