Sunday, July 1, 2012

Father's Day!

For Fathers Day this year, we got to do something very special.  Durant has an old-fashioned passenger train that runs from Durant and West Liberty.  Grandma and Grandpa Otto were kind enough to get us tickets!

Vivi was very, very excited to get to ride on a real train.

It was fun to do something really special with Daddy!

When the train reached West Liberty, we were able to get off, use the rest room, and grab a drink.  Vivi was weirdly attracted to the Port-a-Pottys.  I was very, very glad that there was a kid-sized train to distract her.
Of course, she wanted to drive.

It was a very, very nice way to spend Fathers Day.
Vivi loves Russ so much!  Happy Fathers Day, babe!

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