Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Vivi is one today.  

This is crazy to me.  While home-girl went about her business today, I stared at her with one eyebrow raised at a mildly psychotic angle, realizing that I am no longer the mother of someone whose age can only be measured in months; I am the mother of a child whose age can be measured in years.  It does not seem possible.

Vivi isn't feeling the greatest today; she has a bit of a cold.  But as Russ and I fed her dinner, took her on a walk, gave her a bath, and got her ready for bed, I couldn't help but think back to 365 days prior, when my life had not yet been enriched by this beautiful, amazing, wonderful little person who lights up our lives like our own personal sun, day in and day out.

As I gave her a bottle and laid her in bed, she grinned up at me before cuddling up to Jack-dog and rolling over to go to sleep.  I looked down at her for a bit before leaving her room quietly, with the firm conviction that while one day can change your life, it can also make your life so very complete.  I am married to an amazing man, and we created one amazing little lady.

Right.  Lest you think me madulain on this day of days, let me tell you how we celebrated the big 0-1.  We had a giant, donkey-themed back yard BBQ.  You know.  Like you do to celebrate your first birthday.

Oh.  And there was cake.

A glorious, donkey-themed cake.  And what did Vivi think of it?

At first, trepidation.  "You mean, I won't get in trouble for shoving this whole thing in my mouth?  What IS it, by the way?"

"Never mind the trouble.  I will just eat this, thanks."

Full-on cake carnage!  Happy Birthday, Vivi Jo.  You are most loved!

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