Thursday, July 29, 2010

Grandma Love!

This past week, our daycare has been closed.  Ellen is taking a (well deserved) family vacation.  So Vivi's Grandma Otto rolled into town to spend a little quality time with home-girl!

Things Vivi will do for Grandma Sue:
1) Wave to her (especially while eating!)
2) Walk across the room or porch holding hands.
3) Attempt to blow kisses.
4) Allow her diaper to be changed without screaming as though we had decided to light Jack Dog on fire.

Things Vivi will not do for Grandma Sue:

We have been blaming this weird phenomenon on teeth (valid--they are coming in a major way).  The whole time Grandma Sue was here, the longest nap she took was an hour (!).  However, yesterday, among many tears and hugs (from all of us!), Grandma Sue drove back to Iowa.
Today, Vivi slept until 8:40.  Was up until 11, then took a two hour nap.  Went back down at three and slept for another hour.  Went to bed promptly this evening.  We are now convinced she just did not want to miss out on anything!

So here is a picture of Vivi with her Grandmas...whom we love very much!

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