Thursday, July 22, 2010


So, many months ago, Vivi's beloved cousin Eva sent her a bag of hairbows.  Eva herself being possessed of gorgeous, curly hair, was wearing hairbows shortly after emerging from the womb. 

Not sure why she sent them our way, actually.

Viv has been a baldy since day one.  A little sprinklng of hair that hinted at the possibility of more to come, but made no promises.  UNTIL TODAY.


Actually, she found the bag of bows and was totally infatuated.  Dear reader, I kid you not--she played with those bows for a good 45 minutes.  Hoarding them to her like a miser with her loot, then moving them into random piles that were clearly VERY IMPORTANT, for no discernable reason.

Every so often, she would pick one up, look at it, and go "Huh.," and then move it into a completely different pile.

Her mother's coordinating skills beginning to show?  Perhaps.   Her mother's anal-retentive traits showing through?  Yeah.  Every time I tried to "help" organize her bows, Vivi would pick up the one I had just moved, shake it at me, and go "Nomenomenomenome!!"  Which I'm pretty sure is the twelve-month version of "BACK OFF, LADY, I'VE GOT THIS."

Oh dear. Nomenomenome indeed.

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