Sunday, July 18, 2010

Layin' Off the Bottle

Well, this weekend has brought a momentous change to the Otto house.  Vivi is off the bottle.  For good.  Ditto formula...whole milk it is, from here on out!  

We did it.  Cold turkey.  No weaning, no half and half...the bottles are gone.  Well, actually they're in the kitchen cupboard, but the only individuals in the house who are aware of that fact and have opposable thumbs aren't likely to spill the beans.

But as we did a little tap dance on the way to the checkout, a gallon of milk clutched in our hands (formula is expensive, yo!), I cannot help but be a little sad.  We've spent a lot of nights in the rocking chair in Vivi's room, coaxing an extra ounce at first when she was so tiny, and then just enjoying the going to bed process as she settled down in our arms with her bottle.  It's been a really nice way to spend the last minutes of her day.

Here is photograph of Vivi's LAST BOTTLE EVER.

Poor little soul.  Not yet aware...actually, she's been awesome.  She hasn't fought it at all.  So really, it's only been a big deal for my emotional sensibilities.

In other news, we are very into clapping.  At the end of songs, at the end of lunch, any time she thinks she's done something cool (such as climbing into her rocking chair by herself!)...and, at the end of "Yankee Doodle," apparently.

Big stuff!

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  1. Oh my god. She has done all that this weekend. Where did the baby go? I love her. Can't wait to play with her. I also enjoyed holding her with the bottle. I will miss that.