Monday, January 14, 2013

Christmas Eve

...was very busy for Vivi.  She had an agenda!  After Christmas Eve mass, she began.  Energy was riding high, and her plans were....eclectic.   She began by taking Mr Frog for a nice, Christmas Eve drive.

Then, we went to visit Great Grandma!  While we were all chatting, Grandma Otto and Vivi "practiced sleeping for Santa."

I'm not sure how much "practicing" Grandma was doing.  It might have been a functional example.

However, the calmness couldn't last long, so she soon took to chasing Grandma all over the house.  
 Grandma is very patient.

When we came home, Vivi sat down to write a letter to Santa, and put together a plate of milk and cookies, complete with carrots for the reindeer.

Might have been getting a LITTLE tired at this point.
(but see the awesome letter to Santa?)

She tried to put in one good effort of a final smile, and then it was off to bed...
...where visions of dino cars danced in her head.

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