Saturday, January 26, 2013

From the Man in Red...

And did Santa come through in the end?  Yes, he did.

Which apparently scared Vivi at first.

 Pascal made an appearance, so Vivi can be her own Rapunzel.
 (She had been using a small, green Triceratops as "Pascal" for months, and it was breaking my heart)

Curious George was a big hit!
Even if Grandma looks a little freaked out.

Of course, Santa did not disappoint, and the much-wished for Robot Dinosaur Car was found in her stocking.
He is very loud.  A surprise, there.

And, last but certainly not least...
...a fuzzy pink hat.  Those of you who knew me in college may remember (fondly or not) my OBSESSION with fuzzy hats.  I really feel like Aunt Becky and Uncle Jake were channeling my 22 year old self, and am thrilled that Vivi also seems to share the deep appreciation for wearing fuzzy hats.

Christmas?  A success.

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