Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On the Road Again...

We Ottos headed back to Durant for Christmas this year!  It was really, really nice.  Despite being delayed one day due to the monstrous snowstorm, we made it back, and so did Aunt Becky and Uncle Jake.  The night we got there, our friends the Daufeldts came over to visit, too.  Vivi was thrilled to have a squadron of new people to play with.  

She celebrated by "letting" Aunt Becky and Grandma push her across the living room on the CornPopper car. It started innocently enough. 

However, it soon descended into madness, accompanied by lots of little-girl giggles.

And many histrionics.
Someone is a BIT of a ham.

And, always, with a big finish upon reaching Grandma.

When that grew tiring, she treated us all to a "dance party performance."
We may need to enroll her in tap.  Or ballet.  Something to break the Carey dancing cycle before it starts.

She then finished the night by riding a reindeer with Kylie.
Which kind of seemed to freak out Sugar, Aunt Becky and Uncle Jake's dog.  Poor thing.  It was so nice to go back for a good chunk of time and really get to enjoy seeing everyone.  More on Iowa to follow...

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