Saturday, January 5, 2013

White Christmas, Indeed

So, most people, myself included, enjoy the pretty of a white Christmas.  And with our unseasonably warm December, I was thrilled (let's face it, the pretty is the ONLY part I like about snow) but struggled mildly to feel like it was really Christmastime.  So, when Mother Nature dumped a heap of snow on us, it finally felt like it should this time of year.  Now, little did we know of the havoc that storm was about to wreak on our Christmas and the Christmases of those close to us, but that's a different post entirely.  For the moment, we were thrilled.  Especially Vivi.

She begged us to play outside until we  said okay, then flew around the yard like a tiny pink and blue dervish.  She had an agenda.  She held little interest in making snow angels with Russ..
 "No thank you, Daddy.  Let's go this way."

She quickly guided us to the back yard and made her interests know...Vivi wanted to sled.

And even more than being pulled around the yard (which lasted awhile), she wanted to go down a hill.  Which Russ had to hastily construct.  But, he's an awesome dad, so he did.

Not a huge hill, but perfect for what we needed!

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