Monday, October 10, 2011

The Great Outdoors...

We're totally taking advantage of the nice weather.  I'm getting to the point where I can hobble around outside, following Russ and Vivi as they explore the world.

Currently, Vivi is obsessed with crickets.  She is constantly trying to get Russ to "scare some up" (her words) so she can touch them.  Unfortunately, crickets are rarely scared up from shallow cracks in the ground.

According to Vivi, if you just be "reeeellly quiet," and sit "reeeeellly still," the crickets might just come out.
Unfortunately, this did not pan out.  Wily, wily crickets.  This has, however, led to A LOT of conversations about bugs.  Vivi will tell you right away that it is okay to touch crickets (even if it does make Mommy want to alternately vomit and run away screaming), but WE DON'T TOUCH SPIDERS.  Because they might be grumpy.  Or related to the enormous barn spider who has made its home right at face level on the garage door.  BAH!

She is also, for some reason, convinced that crickets might be hiding in the hose.  Because they get thirsty.

When no crickets came rushing out of the hose, she gave up and watered the garden...
...with invisible water.  Dear winter: please skip us this year.

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