Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Day!

Not to out do Pumpkin Carving Day, but we also had our annual Pumpkin Patch Day!   I was, to be honest, a little worried.  Outdoor pumpkin patch and crutches...a bit scary.  It was the first time she would really get to enjoy the pumpkin patch and run all over the place.  But not to worry.  We did just fine.

I gimped around after her while she ran all over the place with Russ.  We had a really hard time getting her away from the life-sized Candyland set.  She felt it needed a little re-arranging and tidying.
First she moved around all of the gumdrops, which really hacked off some of the other kids.

Then she reorganized the lolly pop forest, one stick at a time.
This was a bit time consuming.  As they were immobile. 

She explored some new housing options.
Turns out that a cupcake house, while delicious in theory, leaves a bit to be desired in the interior decoration department.

Russ and I thought we would never move on to the next area.  But we shouldn't have worried.  As soon as she saw this guy...
...she seemed to be all too ready to take off.  On to the next!

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