Thursday, October 13, 2011

Little Swimmers

Last month, our friend Silbaugh rolled in to town to come to a wedding with me and Russ.  He was a saint, helping me about (and driving me all the way to Des Moines as I was not able).  He also brought Vivi something very exciting...a mermaid.
Vivi loves her mermaid.  A lot.  I love how she says that word, a weird combination of cow and person that comes out sounding like "moo-made."

Ariel really enjoys swimming.  Vivi seems to enjoy helping her.
The best to place to swim is, clearly, under the table.  Mermaids love to swim on brick floors, and loathe carpet in any form.
Amazingly, they also like to nap there.  You know.  When you're tired of swimming.

Thank you, Jason and Rowan! 

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