Monday, October 24, 2011

Pumpkin Carving, Part Deux.

We had some seriously amazing pumpkin carving happen in our house.
What was, perhaps, the most amazing was the fact that Todd carved his entire pumpkin while letting Noah and Vivi "help" him.
Todd is a very patient guy.

Noah and Vivi would wait for him to hack a piece out of his design, and then retrieve it from the inside of the pumpkin and cart it off to the trash.

Vivi found the waiting very difficult.  While Noah was smart and would wander off while waiting for a piece to fall, Vivi stalked Todd like a very small, patient, hawk.

AT LAST!  Her turn!

And how did they all turn out?

Fabulous, of course.  Here's Vivi's masterpiece...

...and Russ's

...and mine.  Too cute!
Happy Pumpkin Carving Day, yall!

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