Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Day!

...was last Saturday!

Sorry, blog world.  It's been a bit of a mad week.  However.  Last Saturday we had our annual pumpkin carving day, and it was awesome!  Pumpkin day really is one of my favorite of the year.  For me it really signals that fall is here, more than the weather, the leaves turning, or the really unfortunate tendency to get dark at 6:30.

And this year, Vivi was old enough to really participate!  Well, not in the carving.  We had the littles paint their pumpkins...except for Noah, who insisted on both carving AND painting his pumpkin.
He was really excited about it.

Aunt Kate was thrilled, too.
Who doesn't want to carve two pumpkins in one night?  Just makes it doubly awesome, in my book!

Noah finally did calm down and paint his freshly carved pumpkin.
He took it very seriously.

Our buddy Parker brought TWO pumpkins, clearly understanding the advantages of quantity over size.
Both masterpieces!

And Vivi really got into it, putting every color in the rainbow onto her "Perfect Pumpkin."
They all turned out beautiful!  More pumpkin-related fun to follow!

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