Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fun for all...adults and kids!

As I am still gimped up, Russ was Vivi's partner in crime for all activities at the Pumpkin Patch.  I must admit, I was a little jealous, as some of the activities looked like and absolute blast.

For example...
Going down the 40-foot slide.  Purely for Vivi's sake, of course.  Because she looks like she's having the better time in this photo.

Or, going on a train ride around the entire pumpkin patch.
Awesome!  Honestly, I could have gone on this one, but the woman next to me kept making snarky comments about how little kids were having to wait in line because every mom/dad/grandma/friend, etc had to pile on with each child.  And while I found her rather rude, I kind of agreed.  So I stayed behind.

One also needs a parent to play "field bunker" with the haystack.
"Dad, the enemy is close.  I say at dawn, WE CHARGE."

And someone needs to catch you when you jump off of said haystack!

Other activities I was okay with missing out on.  My mom is from Wallace (don't feel badly if you do not know where this is, as 99.999% of the world is right there with you).  I have sat upon my fair share of tractors.
However, I am not sure I ever sat there with such an adorable sense of determination.  John Denver, eat your heart out!

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