Sunday, November 6, 2011

Might as Well Jump!

I know, I know!  Two posts in one day!  But this madness really couldn't wait.  This year our Pumpkin Patch introduced something totally awesome....Jumping Pillows.  The Jumping Pillows were exactly what the sound like...10 feet by 20 feet of rubbery, air-filled goodness that you scrambled to the top of and jumped to your heart's content.

At first, she was a little weirded out (shocker), and wanted Russ to hold her and jump.
Which she obviously quite enjoyed.  But she soon got brave and asked to go down and have Daddy help her jump.

Turns out, Daddy can help you get some pretty big jumps in.
She was laughing so hard, it was hilarious.

And when one is a little tired and wants a break, the Jumping Pillows are excellent places to rest and make new friends.
Just a quick chit-chat before we continue on...

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