Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Cut Above the Rest

Also featured at the pumpkin patch?  Cut-outs.  Lots of them.  You can't really move 10 feet without running into a cut out planted to illustrate whatever area you are wandering through at the time.  And Vivi was really, really into them this year.

At first, not so much.  Grumpiest.  Dragon.  Ever.

But she soon warmed up to the cut-outs and embraced them.  Quite literally. 
She was really, really into this dragon and kept insisting that she "ride" him.

She insisted that I also embrace these cut-outs.  Literally.  She thought these dwarfs looked "sad and grumpy," and refused to move from the spot until I have them hugs so they would "feel better already."
Let me tell you what kind of looks you get when you're a 31 year old on crutches hugging wooden dwarfs while your two year old hollers, "This is a GREAT idea, Mommy!"  Very weird.  I promise.

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