Sunday, November 20, 2011

He's Baaaack!

So...Russ was gone for a week.  Aunt Kate and Noah were kind enough to move in with me for the entire time (seriously, seriously kind).  But Vivi (and I) missed Russ a lot.  So we were both very excited when he came home.  Vivi spent some quality time hanging out with Russ and playing.  I wanted to get some quality photos, but Vivi refused to take her "helmet" off of her head.  Cookie and Russ were quite upset by this.

Finally, after laughing manically in to her helmet for a bit, she did allow for a photo.
Kind of.

They did have a very nice time playing together, hanging out, sharing hats...

...and demonstrating our newest trick.  Vivi really likes to demonstrate her two favorite expressions.  We can exhibit "Grumpy Frown," and "Happy Smile."  Guess which one we've got going on here.
Not that we can get this in a professional photo shoot.  Heaven forbid.  Welcome home, Russ!

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