Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Burrita

And how best to dry off from a nice relaxing (and slightly gross) bath?

With one's very own Donkey Hooded Towel, of course!
This stylish little gem was personally made for Vivi by her rockin' Godmother, Aunt Maria.  The fabric is something you all may recognize from the much-loved donkey dress made by Grandma Otto.  The pattern was such a hit that it lent itself to the entire party theme for Vivi's first birthday!  (Cousin Charlie also has crib bumpers made of the same BECAUSE IT IS THAT AWESOME)

Vivi loves getting out of the bath and getting all snuggly warm!
I love it because it is so adorable, and so elvin/hobbitesque...if the fair folk were to wander around in cloaks covered in primary-colored burros.  And why shouldn't they?  I'd totally use one if they were made in my size.

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