Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Special Visitor...

...and I'm not just talking about Santa.

You see, Santa was apparently SO EXCITED to meet Vivi that he stopped by every morning we were in Iowa, leaving various Hawkeye-related items (Santa is pretty freakin' awesome, we must admit).  But then, on Christmas morning, Santa really outdid himself.  Vivi wandered into the living room, glanced up, and... was magic.

Yes, Iowa City, there is a Santa Claus.  And he brought Vivi a Herky doll.  She was most pleased.
And so was Russ!  Herky has now become one of the two objects that Vivi wants to be in her bed when she goes "nite-nite."  The other one is Jack-Dog, so you can see what an elevated status Herky holds for her.
Coincidence that the Hawkeyes won their bowl game?  I think not!  Welcome, Herky!

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