Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Carnage

So last year, Vivi was not really able to open gifts.  She kind of stared while Russ and I opened things, and then played with them.  Kind of.  So we were really excited to see if she would be into opening presents this year!  I LOVE giving people presents.  I really love giving kids presents.  Their reaction (while not always the one you'd expect), is usually priceless.

This year was pretty good.  Vivi started with gifts from Aunt Becky and Uncle Jake.  She opened a very glamorous pair of striped tights, and then this gift followed!
While I was super excited about the purple sweater dress, Vivi seemed unsure.  However, the next gift garnered an awesome reaction!
This is a book that reads itself.  You record your voice reading the story, so the kid can listen to you read to them, no matter where you are!  Vivi has one read to her by Grandma Otto, one read to her by Grandpa Otto, and now one read to her by Aunt Becky and Uncle Jake...and it is about MONSTERS.  

It may or may not roar.
As Vivi discovered.  She was most pleased!  We read this book A LOT.

So here's the thing we didn't really take in to account.  While Vivi may have been content to leave the presents more or less alone while they were wrapped (seriously, she didn't even mess with them at all), once they were unwrapped and she figured out they were for her, she demanded that each one be removed from the box so she could play with it.  Then she would totally forget about the rest of the gifts because she was so excited about playing with the unwrapped ones.

Gift opening took awhile (this awesome farm set from Grandma and Grandpa was particularly popular)!
That being said, a farm,a jungle, a book, and a lot of laughs later, it was a pretty dang good day.  And no matter how long it took, there was still quite a bit of this face...
Love it!  Merry Christmas to all!

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