Thursday, January 6, 2011

Julia Child in the Making

We were so excited to get home and give Vivi the present we chose for her.  Russ and I had been plotting for quite some time as to what to get her.  After one mad dash to Target (you're welcome, Vivi), we were in possession of one sweet mutha-scratching kitchen.  However, after the gift debacle in Durant, we learned our lesson.  We were NOT giving her this gift in the box.  So after she went to bed we set it up in the dining room.
She woke up and was stoked!  She immediately began exploring, opening all the doors and cupboards.
Then, wisely, she proceeded to make "cau-see" (or coffee, in the English).  Who is so smart and loves her mommy?  I am so pleased that she has her morning priorities in order.
After we had been plied with massive amounts of cau-see, she proceeded to make us breakfast.  No telling what was on the menu, as it involved two pots, a coffee pot, and, inexplicably, a handful of silverware.
And then she cleaned up (note the dish i the sink)!  My child has better kitchen habits than I do.  So embarrassing...and AWESOME!

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