Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eat, Drink, and be Healthy!

When it comes to things we want to teach Vivi, Russ and I both feel strongly on the importance of friends.  There comes an age when your friends become your family, and your family becomes your friends, and it is a beautiful, wonderful thing.  To have a group of people with whom to celebrate your triumphs, mourn your losses, and laugh hysterically when you're not sure why you're laughing is a wonderful, very important thing.  And we take our friendships very seriously!

So tonight we gathered to celebrate our friend Regina, who has been healthy for a full year this month.

Regina is the younger sister of my best friend, so I have known her since I was sixteen.  She is a big part of the "friend group," and we love her very much.  She is a witty, quirky, thoughtful friend, and is always there to laugh with you.  For me, she is someone to share a glass of wine with, a fellow mom to bounce ideas off of, and someone whose humor always makes me giggle.
We went to Fireworks tonight, all of our friends and their kids, to celebrate
Gina beating a disease that is not always beaten, called aplastic anemia.  
Everyone was clearly very excited to be out celebrating her victory!
Even Jack-Dog got into the celebratory spirit (really, who doesn't love Vanilla Porter).
We are so happy that Regina is happy, healthy, and part of our wonderful little friend group.  I think the cake Brianna brought says it best--We love you, Regina!

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