Saturday, May 21, 2011

C is for Cookie...

...and he's definitely good enough for Vivi.  

Awhile back, Vivi had an ear infection.  Russ took her to the doctor, and then to get her prescription filled.  While at Walgreens, Vivi wheedled him into purchasing Cookie, who is now second only to Jack-Dog in the buddy status here at Chez Otto.  Russ and I were thrilled she landed on him and not the dreaded Elmo, whom I quite dislike.  Despite his appalling grammar, Cookie is tops in my book.

He gets treated quite well.

He feasts like a king.

And he is the star of her new favorite game, which she likes to call, "Go, Cookie, Go!"  The rules are simple.  One parent (usually Russ) grabs Cookie and the little wheeled toy she used while she was learning to walk.  Then you behave as though Cookie is doing the pushing, and fly like a bat out of hell around our first floor in a giant circle, yelling things like "See you later!" or "Oh no!"

Meanwhile, Vivi chases you all over the first floor shrieking with laughter and yelling, "GO, COOKIE, GO!"

The whole thing usually ends with a big hug...
...for Cookie.  You know.  Since he's the one putting forth all the effort.  Oh.....COOKIE, COOKIE, COOKIE STARTS WITH "C!"

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