Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yes, that's correct.  The final Carey kid just graduated from Pius.  Here he seems shocked by it.

The Pius staff, I'm sure, were both stunned and thrilled.  Six Carey kids who attended, four of whom count Pius as their alma matter.  
In stunning Carey fashion, we sent John out with a blast...from Uncle Joe's air horn.  Which can be heard for half a mile.  True story.  And best of all, we had a party to celebrate!  When we told Vivi we were going to a party for Uncle John, she got a light in her eye, and asked "Fancy party?"  When we answered to the affermative, she informed us, "Fancy party.  Vivi wear a fancy hat."  And she did.
Aunt Maria is no fool, and brought some kid toys to the adult party.  Here, Vivi teaches Big Bird how to sit on a ball.  She then tried to wrangle all the balls, with some help from Dad.
However, we must share.

Baby Charlie (who is seriously about two inches shorter than Viv, at 11 months), thought they were pretty cool, too.

They seemed to wear Eva out.

It was a great, truly fun family day....that Vivi capped off by attempting to drink from a bottle and spilling it all over her fancy dress.  Which she found quite hilarious.
Congratulations, Uncle John!  We are so very proud of you and all your amazing accomplishments!

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