Monday, May 30, 2011

V is for Violets...

...or lilacs.  As it were.  We were traveling Ottos this weekend, headed back to Durant to see the Otto/Bills Clan!  It was a wonderful weekend.  Russ had three cousins graduate this weekend, and we were fortunate enough to make it back for the parties!  But for Vivi, the biggest party was in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.  Namely, their lilac bush.
Vivi became obsessed with their bush.  Every morning when she woke up she requested to go outside, and then made a beeline straight to the lilac bush to pick flowers (apologies again, Grandma and Grandpa).  She then wheedled Grandma to giving her a "vase" (plastic cup) for her booteeful flowers and "let" all of us smell them.  Repeatedly.

But lilacs are difficult to pick, and so Vivi wrangled herself some helpers.
This morning she got Grandma to "help" her pick a very large bundle of flowers.

Rest assured, we did do other things this weekend.  But the mornings were devoted to the lilacs and Vivi's vase.  She referred to the flowers as "booteeful," "reelee awesome," and "just great."  
Budding horticulturist?  Perhaps....perhaps...So great!

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