Monday, May 9, 2011

Derby Buddys

As much as Vivi was excited about all the horses on TV (and she really was!), one cannot pen a bunch of small children inside for long.  Since our party started 3 hours before the race did, we spent some time outside.  Inspired by the jockeys, Vivi did some riding of her own on her new trike (scored for $2 by Mommy at a local garage sale!).
She paused while driving to critique Noah's art...
...oh.  And to make him trade hats with her.  Luckily, this was far from Noah's first rodeo when it comes to Vivi and hats, so he was a good sport about the whole thing.

We also had our buddy Eddie over, and Vivi spent the afternoon engaging him...
...and then running away the second he paid her any attention.
Regina and I figure this means they will probably have a long future together.  I still feel this way about boys some days.

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