Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

I am so happy May is here!  Sure, it's a CHILLY 52 DEGREES out right now, but with the arrival of May, I feel like winter has to release it's terribly firm grasp, and we can finally stop wearing our winter coats (amiright, yall?).  Yesterday was a little nice, so we bid April a fond farewell by joining Aunt Kate and Noah for an evening romp through what turned out to be an amazing local park.

The first order of business?  Sliding, of course.

She then discovered what I refer to as "underwear swings" for the first time.  And Internet, she fell in love.
I can't blame her.  The swings always were, and always will be my favorite part of any park.
Where else can you feel like you can fly through the air?  Magic!

This park also has a 40 foot tall waterfall, and you can climb up the back side and stare out over the top.  Awesome!
Both Vivi and Noah were stunned into silence and immobility by it's majesty.
For a little bit, any way.  We then had to stop Vivi from trying to climb over the bars.  I think she would have stayed up there all day.

However, being me, I decided to try for yet another family photo.  Vivi was not thrilled about leaving the waterfall, even to check out the giant ride-on lizard.
Another Otto Family Photo Fail.  Sigh.  Oh well.  Spring is here!  There will be plenty of opportunities for a better shot!

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