Saturday, April 30, 2011

Her Royal Highness, Vivi Jo Otto

In honor of the Royal Wedding yesterday, Vivi and her daycare buddies had Princess Day!  Ellen found a vintage tea set and made all sorts of amazing goodies and princess crafts (I honestly did not want to leave when I dropped her off yesterday).  Of course, Princess Day required formal attire...and heaven knows, Vivi's closet rose to the occasion.
Here she is, sparing a glance for her adoring public before carrying on with her very important business...

She was a bit put out when I announced that there was not an accompanying tiara.

And here, attended by her faithful hound.
Even though we brought a back up, more casual outfit (you know, for weekends at the palace and the like), she stayed in her princess dress all day AND DID NOT GET IT DIRTY (which is really a testament to Ellen's magic, because home girl did NOT avoid the pink cupcakes).  Happy Princess Day, all!

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