Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter, Everyone!

So today is obviously Easter.  And we Ottos have a tradition.  

Fuzzy Bunny ears.  I bought them for Vivi last year (matching her Easter dress, obviously) and was so delighted with the results that I decided  to make it a tradition.  Unfortunately, I totally goofed and forgot to get the rabbit ears picture while she was still in her Easter dress.  Undaunted, I felt we could still get a more casual bunny ears picture.  Vivi, however was...shall we say...skeptical.  So I tried to show her how fun it was to be a bunny.
She was clearly not buying it.  So we got Russ involved.
Stiiiiilllll not buying it.  So we handed her a toy snake and asked her to pretend it was a carrot.  This for some reason got her a little more in the mood to be a bunny.
So we got a nice family Easter photo.  Kind of.  Given our past failures, I'll take it.
Like Meatloaf says, Two Outta Three Ain't Bad.  Happy Easter from the Ottos!

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