Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy Joe's Day

Hola, Blog World!  Apologies for my slight hiatus; things have been quite mad around her!  The Ottos have been busy as bees! 

For one thing, we made a trip back to Durant to attend Russ's cousin's wedding!  Aunt Becky and Uncle Jake came down from Minnesota, so the whole clan was there.  It was great!  And, as many of you know, no trip to Iowa is complete without a stop for some Happy Joe's Pizza.  Vivi LOVES pizza, and we knew that starting her on this tradition was very important.  So, the day of the wedding, we ordered Happy Joe's for lunch.  Unfortunately, Vivi was in a very ambulatory mood that day, and was not very excited about sitting in here chair.  So it was a bit of an odd lunch.  First, she shared with Grandpa...
Honestly, that was going pretty well until Vivi's beloved Aunt Becky got out of the shower.  Vivi basically refuses to be seperated from Aunt Becky when she's around, so she jumped down from Grandpa's lap and bolted into the bathroom to "help" Aunt Becky get ready for the wedding, leaving most of her lunch uneaten.  Now, none of us were very excited about the thought of dealing with a 20-month old who had not eaten since breakfast, so we tried to cajole Vivi back to her pizza.  SHe was having none of it.  If Aunt Becky wasn't sitting at the table, neither was she.  It was nearing go-time, so what could we do?
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  And you eat your pizza in the bathroom.  With a Schmaltz.
Much to the amusement of everyone, Vivi was totally content to sit on the side of the tub and eat her pizza.  Just as long as she could help Aunt Becky get ready.
Lucky, lucky Aunt Becky.  Next up?  The wedding!

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