Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Please for Sunshine?

Despite a few teaser days early in the month (more on that later), it has been gray and gloomy here in L-town.  Vivi has taken to staring out the door in a forlorne manner, preferably while wearing a booteeful hat.
The hat, for some reason, seems to connect her with the sun.  She will give a hefty sigh, and ask "Go ou-side, swing?" in a voice that suggests that she already knows the answer.  When we inevitably say no (it actually snowed here on Friday, yo!), she frowns, then goes looking for her pink hat.  We have several, but this one seems to be the favorite.
In other bizarre, weather-related news, she is TOTALLY FREAKED OUT by short sleeves.  She plucks at them frantically yammering "sleevesdoon, sleevesdoon, sleevesdoon!"  When I tried to explain short sleeves to her she literally cocked a Scarlett O'Hara eyebrow at me and stared at me as though I were trying to trick her into doing something really ridiculous.  Internet, I will not make you suffer her horror when we put her in shorts.

Please for sunshine!  Vivi is ready to play outside!
Or to go fishing.  Or to a Dave Matthews band concert.  Or to go chase the pesky neighborhood kids off of the damn lawn.  Not sure which this picture suggests...

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