Monday, April 11, 2011

And, In Fashion News...

Lest ye think that our sole focus while in Iowa was food and wedding related activities, I present this post.  Other things that interest Vivi?  Making Grandma wear hats.  While I regret that I did not manage to grab a shot of Grandma wearing a diaper for a hat (popular, this year, ladies), I did manage to grab this wonderful little gem...
That's right.  Our three-foot dictator is wearing her own pants on her head, while Grandma is wearing Vivi's shirt as a hat.  Vivi's sad little smile here seems to suggest that she is pushing her little cart home from the gulag...

She soon gave up her Russian roots, however, and insisted that she put on her coat.  At four in the afternoon.  Inside.
It's cold out there in the steppes.

She tried to get Grandma to wear her coat indoors, too, but Grandma wasn't having it.  This did not stop Vivi from parading around in her "boooteeful" hat.  And demanding that Grandma do the same.
Grandmas have the patience of angels.

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