Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Go Go Gryffindor!

Russ has been traveling quite a bit these past two weeks, so Vivi and I have had some quality time.  However, he did come home for two days between trips, and what he brought Vivi was truly amazing.
You see, Russ went to Orlando.  Home of the new Harry Potter ride at Universal Studios.  I am a Harry Potter superfan, and am TOTALLY JEALOUS.  However, he brought Vivi back an awesome Gryffindor jacket!  It's miles to big for her, but that means she can grow into it while I read the books out loud to her before bed (oh yes I will).
Here she seems to be channeling Neville over Harry, but we all have our moments.

No, Vivi, you cannot steal part of the wooden blinds to use as a wand.  And bring me back my (super sweet Gryffindor) scarf!  You've already got a jacket, for pity's sake!

Thank you, Russ!

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