Saturday, April 23, 2011

In Which We Ignore the Play Structure...

So, after a few brief forays down the slide, Vivi wandered a few feet...and it was if the giant play structure ceased to exist.  She found...sand.
And once she found sand, it was as though the rest of the playground did not exist.  She was so, so excited about all elements of sand.  She picked it up and let it fall...
...she dug and dug and dug...
...and then she decided that as much of the sand that she could move needed to be up on the little brick wall.  This involved quite a bit more digging and moving.
And while Noah ran all about the GIANT playground and enjoyed the slides, climbing, and everything else that I had hoped would wear Vivi out...we dug and moved sand on to a wall.
So, I'm thinking...paleontologist.  Archeologist.  Something along those lines.
'Cause we did this for like 45 minutes.

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