Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Adventures of Jack-Dog...

Today, I am thankful for Vivi's burgeoning imagination!  Jack-Dog, however, is probably not.  As Little Miss is beginning to realize that the things she does in her day can be acted out by others, poor, stoic Jack is frequently the subject of her imaginary play.

This morning, for instance, we heard Vivi's trademark giggle coming from the kitchen.  We looked in to find this:

Upon being discovered, the little mastermind fled the scene.  Can you tell what's going on?

Poor Jack has been kenneled.  Naw-tee.

And later?  More giggles from the dining room.

Vivi had placed Jack in her booster chair with a bib, and then convinced Daddy to put the tray on so Jack-Dog could "EAT!  EAT!  Jack-Dog!  EAT!"  She is apparently quite worried that he get his three square meals a day.

Have no fear.  Jack was served a beverage as well.  Vivi is the consummate server!

Fine dining, Vivi style!  Poor, long-suffering Jack-Dog.  I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

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