Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Fiesta of Thanks

Yes, that's right.  It's the last day of November, and I am just now blogging about the biggest day of Thanks.  IT WAS AWESOME!  The days that followed were a bit dodgy, but the day of thanks itself totally rocked.  I was thankful for so many things!

I was thankful that I discovered the cat hiding in the crock-pot bag BEFORE I put the crock-pot in.
(Hippo REALLY wanted to come to Thanksgiving dinner.  Apparently, no one CCd him on the memo that informed everyone this was a kid friendly event.  I would have brought him, just to teach him a lesson, but I don't think that would have flown with Grandpapi).

I was thankful that all our travelers made it here and there safely.  Maria, Paul, Eva, Charlie, Gene and Sue all traveled from Iowa, and Joe came from Western Nebraska!
Here, Vivi gives Charlie the stink-eye for intruding on her ex-turf.  Apparently she is a little territorial about the exersaucer.  Shortly after Charlie exited the contraption, she insisted on being put into it, despite the fact that it made her look like a character from those creepy Giant Baby advertisements from the 40s (google it.  They are super spooky).  She also then climbed into Charlie's carseat and took a nap.  Awkward.

I was (and still am!) thankful for the beautiful wall-hangings and table toppers Sue made for me, my mom and my sisters.
And here we are showing them off.  So beautiful!

And I was thankful for--wait, what's that?  I'm sorry, what did you ask?  Oh.  What the heck are we all wearing on our heads in that picture?  Well, I'm glad you asked.  It brings me to my next point of thanks.  I am glad that I wore a shark hat for most of Thanksgiving day, and no one blinked an eye.
In my defense, I only put it on because Eva insisted.  In fact, she assigned us all hats and insisted we wear them.  I was "the leader of the shark people."  Shark people, nation of one.  Hm.  Fortunately, everyone else was also okay with taking directions from my four year old niece. 
Here, Bird-Woman, the Pony Princess, and our Lady of Ladybugs calmly browse the Black Friday ads.

Sue "The Scary Pumpkin" Otto, and Doug "Leapin' Lizard" Carey.

Beetle the Bard Otto, and Eagle Eye Otto made an appearance as well.

We later realized that Eva herself never wore a hat, just directed us to run around wearing felt caps made for children for the entire day.  And we willingly complied.  And we were all sober.  You see, we...um...well, I think it was because she....er...yeah.  I got nothing.  Well, it was fun, anyway!

Happy Month of Thanks, all!  On to the Christmas Season!  I cannot wait to see what it brings for our cute little elf.

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