Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween...and the month of Thanks

So, a few years ago, my sister celebrated November, the month of thanks, by blogging every day in November and blogging about things for which she was thankful.  I thought that was awesome, and very I decided to give it a shot, celebrating my own month of thanks by blogging every day.

You might have noticed that it is November 3rd.  

Every being the younger sister, I am behind even in giving thanks.  It was a busy couple of days.

Still.  Onward, Christian soldiers!

Today, I am thankful for my beloved Halloween, and having one sweet baby to dress up in costume.  Vivi was...a gorgeous pink bird!!!

And, surprise, blogger nation...I made her costume!  Grandma Otto oversaw the project and gave me the how-tos that I needed, but I did the legwork myself. One of my favorite things as a little kid was deciding on my costume after agonizing for awhile, and then my mom whipping up something AMAZING that was always perfect and just what I had in mind.  So I REALLY wanted to make Vivi's bird outfit myself.

I am really proud of how it turned out.  :)  

And how did trick-or-treating go?  Well, not as awesome of a first experience.  Our first stop was Aunt Erins.  She went up to the door, and I asked "Are you ready?"  She started banging on the door, saying "Readeee!  Redeeee!"  Then, Erin opened the door.  Viv made a horrified face and ran to hide behind Russ.  Hm.  Next stop--Todd and Michelle!...where she was REALLY EXCITED!  About their dog.  Hm again.  On to Grandmary and Grandpapis, where Vivi found the true delight of Halloween...her new stuffed pumpkin.  (Puh-kin!  Puh-kin!  Ahahahahaha!)  And a BIG GIRL CUP.  Most exciting!

Thank you, Halloween!  Thank you, Grandma Otto, for the assistance!  And thank you, Vivi, for being the cutest little pink bird of all time.

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