Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's the little things...

Hola, Blog world!  My apologies for my two day haitus.  But lest ye think me lazy (or worse--thankless), let me fill you in on what happened.  I popped a rib out.  ARGH!  In fact, I did it with some authority.  So on Monday, I was glad that I have a sister who was willing to leave work and drive me to the chiropractor.  I was also glad to have such a great friend for a chiropractor, as he was able to see me immediately and pop it back in to place.  VERY PAINFUL.  Coincidentally, I was even more grateful at 6:30 that he is my good friend and would make a house call to POP IT BACK IN AGAIN.  And once more on Tuesday morning, when the inflamation in my muscles had gone down enough for it to stay in place.  Boo.  Hiss. 

On Tuesday, I was grateful that I have a sister willing to take the day off and care for me and my child, as I was not allowed to lift Vivi on Monday or most of Tuesday, and my daycare was closed (with Russ in San Diego--awesome!).  Thank you again, Kate.  You are truly, truly the best.  I would have been unable to cope without your help.

Today, I am grateful to be able to go back to work!...and for Vivi's double cowlick.

I can't help it.  I have the exact same one.  I know that some day I will tire of hearing her moan over the fact that her hair just won't lay right, but for now I love the Cindy-Lou Hoo quality it gives her.

Besides.  It's one of the little things that makes her mine.  

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