Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Two Towers..

Today, I am thankful that my furnace is working...because Aunt Kate's furnace is not.  So Noah (or No-nah, if you're Vivi) are staying the night!  Cousins are great teachers, and Noah was quick to help Vivi learn how to build a "really, really, REALLY good tower."

Unfortunately, no matter how great Noah's tower was, Vivi was really, really, REALLY good at knocking them down, as she does not quite yet grasp the finer, more permanent aspects of architecture.  

So, we divided the blocks equally (sharing being a good lesson as well), and like Sauron and Sauroman, they separated and built their own towers, each keeping a watchful eye on the other.
"His tower is totally better than mine.  Crap."

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