Thursday, November 11, 2010


Today, I am thankful that Porter (or Poh-Toh, if you're Vivi) is patient.

She really is a sweet, patient dog (aside from that whole thunderstorm behavioral quirk), willing to put up with dang near anything.  Observe...

Here she sits, happily, with one of her most favorite things in the world: an empty soda bottle.

Unfortunately, Vivi also thought the empty soda bottle was quite cool, and that she should have it instead.

Now, Porter does have a tend to fixate obsessively on toys (which you are aware of, if you have ever played ball with her), and occasionally we will have to remove a toy from her sight so she will be able to break focus and do things like, oh, say, eat.

I will assume that Vivi was trying to help her, not tease her mercilessly, when she stole the bottle, and ran in a giant circle around the first floor waving it over her head.  Poor little Porter just followed patiently behind,waiting for her to drop it, even though she could have bowled Vivi over and taken in it back in about two seconds.

Eventually it ended in a very one-sided tug of war, as Porter allowed Vivi to "play" with her.

I do not think Porter was tugging very hard.  Eventually I rescued her bottle and gave it back to her, and then Vivi and I shared a very special lesson on washing our hands after playing with the doggies because GROSS.

Bless your heart, little black dog!

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