Monday, November 22, 2010


Today, I am thankful for Vivi's winter coat.  It's been an average of 30 degrees out this week when I leave to take her to daycare, so I am most grateful for its warmth.  We had a hard time finding one I deemed warm enough for her!  We looked quite a few places, and finally found a very cute, very warm winner!  Russ and I were thrilled!

Vivi, not as much.  I also decided to get her the 18-24 months size, figuring that she turns 18 months at the beginning of January (!), and it stays colder much longer than that here in lovely Nebraska (oh, to live in Arizona or somewhere like that, where snow is not a problem). 

This might have been a mistake, in retrospect.

As it is nearly that time of year, I will use one of my all-time favorite movie references..."Randy lay there like a slug."  Yes folks, that's correct.  The coat is so big that Vivi is rendered immobile the instant we zip her into it. It makes her REALLY mad.

I'm hoping the rage will help keep her warm.

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